September 23: Linus Blomqvist at UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources (London)

Global conservation efforts focus on protected areas and in recent decades on payments for ecosystem services. While important at the local level, these approaches have proven unable to halt the loss of wildlife and natural habitats on a large scale. Following the release of a new report Nature Unbound, Linus Blomqvist will argue that what spares nature is technological change, along with urbanization and modernization.

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September 24: Is It Time for Ecomodernism? (London)

Sense about Science, Energy For Humanity, and Breakthrough Institute will cosponsor an evening event at the Free Word Centre in London. Tracey Brown of Sense about Science will make opening remarks. American ecomodernist and president of Breakthrough Institute, Michael Shellenberger will kick off the program by arguing that ecomodernism — and only ecomodernism — can make the planet habitable for future generations. A discussion will follow, and wide audience participation will be welcome. He will be joined for a discussion by University College London professor of biodiversity and ecosystems Georgina Mace and Shadow Minister for the Department of Energy and Climate Change Baroness Byrony Worthington.

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September 24: UK2020 – Ecomodernism (London)

UK 2020 is hosting Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus of the Breakthrough Institute for an event that will consider the future of environmentalism, and how policy at a UN, EU, and state level needs to be guided by science and not ideology. Joining the panel are Mark Lynas of the Alliance for Science at Cornell University, journalist Matt Ridley, and Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP, former UK Environment Secretary.

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September 25: Global Conference on Stranded Assets and Environment (London)

The University of Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment is hosting researchers and interested practitioners to a major academic conference on stranded assets and the environment. Despite its growing prominence as a topic, there remains a great deal of confusion about: what stranded assets are; what assets might be affected; what drives stranding; how financial institutions and companies can manage the risk of stranded assets; what it means for policy makers and regulators; and how it links to climate change policy. Breakthrough cofounders Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus will present a keynote speech on decoupling as a strategy for stranded assets based upon the forthcoming report Nature Unbound.

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September 30: Battle of Ideas (Amsterdam)

We are living longer and more fulfilling lives than ever before. We’ve become healthier and richer in a world that’s more democratic and peaceful than ever before. This is not a rich-man’s fantasy; all these trends have even spread to billions of people in poorer countries. Yet, critics warn that the costs of all this progress begin to outweigh the benefits. Concerns about environmental degradation are gaining traction. Greens worry that the Earth cannot sustain the desire for more, more, more. What do greens want? Do they consider a cleaner, greener planet with a nice habitat for animals and plants more desirable than a world with thriving mega-cities with plenty of interesting things for billions of people to do? Is it really possible to have both? Lately, a new brand of greens is emerging. These so-called “ecomodernists” claim to get away with sentimental notions of traditional environmentalists. They believe the planet can be ecologically vibrant with many billions more people living a good life—if only we would rely on evidence-based policies to improve nature. 

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September 9: Linus Blomqvist to Present New Report at Resources for the Future (DC)

Environmental policies typically reflect an assumption that today’s scarcities will be tomorrow’s scarcities. Yet in the past, many social and technological innovations have radically altered the nature of scarcity, often reducing environmental impacts in the process. Several current trends (in agriculture, materials use, energy, and water) suggest that, with the right policies and investments, the human footprint could peak and decline in coming decades. Breakthrough's Director of Conservation Linus Blomqvist will present his findings from a pathbreaking new report, Nature Unbound.

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Jessica Lovering and Loren King to Present at Disruptive Energy Technologies Kickoff Meeting

Senior Energy Analyst Jessica Lovering and Senior Innovation Analyst Loren King will present at the Disruptive Technologies Kickoff Meeting at Idaho National Labs, a one-day meeting to discuss future disruptive energy technologies, policies, and investments that have the potential to dramatically change the way the US and world energy is produced, distributed, and consumed in this century.

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Breakthrough President Michael Shellenberger to Speak at International Student Energy Summit

The International Student Energy Summit 2015, themed “Connecting the Unconnected,” will combine the visions of “striving forward” and “leaving no one behind.” In today’s interconnected energy world, there is a desperate need for energy rich nations to understand energy access issues that dominate a large portion of the globe. Here in Bali, ISES 2015 will give students a new frame for evaluating the energy challenges the world faces.

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Alex Trembath to Speak at Annual AAG Meeting

Senior Analyst Alex Trembath will speak on a panel at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers, which brings together the nation's geographers, GIS specialists, environmental scientists, and other leaders for the latest in research and applications in geography, sustainability, and GIScience. 

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Ted Nordhaus to Speak at The Wall Street Journal’s ECO:comics Conference

The Future of Business and the Environment

This March 25-27, the editors of The Wall Street Journal will bring together global CEOs, top entrepreneurs, environmental experts, policy makers and leading thinkers at ECO:nomics 2015 to identify and assess the most compelling opportunities — and pressing risks— emerging around the world in businesses impacted by the environment. Breakthrough's Ted Nordhaus is one of 20 featured speakers who will debate, discuss and get the inside story on essential issues: investing in innovation, disrupting current business models, the new meaning of sustainability and the future of the environmental movement, where energy policy is heading, and much, much more.

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Alex Trembath to Speak at Future Tense Event: How Will Human Ingenuity Handle a Warming Planet?

Humans are altering the Earth system at every scale, up to and including the global climate. Going forward, how will human ingenuity handle a warming world? We’re all familiar with the doomsday predictions of more droughts, fires, floods and economic disaster, but what are the possibilities for thriving in a changed climate?

On Thursday, Jan. 15, Breakthrough Institute's Alex Trembath will join Future Tense—a partnership of Slate, New America, and Arizona State University—to discuss these issues at the New America offices in Washington, D.C.

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Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger to Debut ‘Nature Unbound’ at RFF First Wednesday Seminar

Evidence abounds of humanity’s creative ability to produce more goods and services using fewer resources. In many cases, our use of natural resources is declining, particularly when measured in terms of GDP consumption per capita or per dollar. In fact, consumption of some natural resources (certain croplands, fuels, metals, and water) has plummeted, even as we produce more and more from these resources. 

Breakthrough Institute Chairmain Ted Nordhaus and President Michael Shellenberger will discuss this evidence and highlight the ingenuity enabling reduced natural resource use on a panel at the RFF First Wednesday Seminar. The Seminar, entitled "Making Nature Useless? Global Resource Trends, Innovations, and Implications for Conservation" will discuss Breakthrough Institute's upcoming report, Nature Unbound, and probe the question, "can we credibly envision a peak environmental footprint?"

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Jessica Lovering to Speak at American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting

Jessica Lovering will speak at the American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting's Opening Plenary entitled "Nuclear: The Foundation of Clean Energy" on November 10 at 8:00 a.m. The following day, November 11 at 1:00 p.m., Jessica will join panelists Vaughn Gilbert of Westinghouse and Ashley Finan of Clean Air Task Force to discuss public education and outreach tactics in nuclear science and technology on a panel entitled: "Finding Common Ground with New Audience".

Both sessions are part of the larger five-day conference, which will be held in Anaheim, CA from November 9-13. Beginning with the ANS Nuclear Technology EXPO on the November 9, the conference will explore topics including Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology, Biology and Medicine, Decommissioning and Environmental Sciences,  Fusion Energy, Isotope and Radiation, Reactor Physics, and Thermal Hydraulics. Register for the conference here.

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Michael Shellenberger to Speak at Energy Africa Conference

Michael Shellenberger will speak at the 7th Annual Energy Africa Conference at Colorado School of Mines on November 13th. He will be joined by hundreds of private, public, non-governmental organizations and academicians as they dialog and invest in the work needed for African countries to supply energy that is affordable, accessible, efficient and clean. Access to affordable, reliable, clean and economically viable energy supply is essential to Africa’s economic growth and enhancing the standard of living of its citizens. To register for the conference, click here.

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Jessica Lovering to Speak and Moderate at Nuclear Science Week’s Big Event

Breakthrough Senior Analyst and coauthor of How to Make Nuclear Cheap Jessica Lovering will speak on the Nuclear Science Week 2014 Big Event's opening panel entitled "Nuclear in Pop Culture: Evolving Narratives About Energy" on Thursday, October 16th from 12:00-1:15 pm and moderate a panel on Nuclear Leadership on Friday, October 17th from 9:30-11:00 am. 

This two-day public symposium will be hosted the week before Nuclear Science Week at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. Interested individuals can pre-register for the symposium here.

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Environmental Affairs Symposium: We the Anthropos

What does it mean to dwell in the Anthropocene, when the earth has in many ways become a human creation? Shall we the anthropos celebrate or mourn this era? How shall we guide our environmental practices when notions such as the balance of nature and living within limits no longer fit our collective experience? How shall we move forward when the only choices we understand seem far behind us?

Environmental Affairs Symposium 2014 at Lewis & Clark College explores this era of the Anthropocene via keynote dialogue, a wide range of scholarly sessions, and other events designed for participants to forge new environmental identities with eyes wide open to contemporary ideas—ultimately to recapture imagination and hope in a world shaped by the earthbound.

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Alex Trembath Speaks at SUNY-ESF Symposium on New American Environmentalism

A group of leading environmental scientists and policy experts will gather Sept. 11 at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) to discuss a New American Environmentalism. Participating in a symposium held in connection with the inauguration of ESF's new president, the panelists will represent ESF and several other institutions: Syracuse University, the Mohawk Council of the Akwesasne, the U.S. Green Building Council, the Breakthrough Institute, and the University of Manchester, UK.

Titled "Foundations for a New American Environmentalism," the symposium's objectives are to invite reflection on the values, visions and strategies that have characterized environmentalism in the past, lay the groundwork for a continuing national conversation informed by science and compassion, and motivate and empower a new generation of students, citizens and young academics to re-imagine and reinvent the future in ways that enrich and strengthen relationships with the communities that form the living planet.

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Ted Nordhaus Speaks on “Innovation and a Carbon Tax: Unexpected Views from the Right and Left”

Australia has just repealed one, South Africa is just getting one going, and British Columbia has a popular one that nobody seems to know about. In the United States, it is generating ever more divisiveness — or is it? Discover the unexpected areas where the right and the left agree and disagree on a carbon tax. Learn their thoughts on innovation and climate policies through a thought-provoking panel co-organized by the R Street Institute and Future 500.

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Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus to speak at Aquarium of the Pacific

Breakthrough cofounders will present two of the four lectures as part of the Aquatic Academy series hosted by the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA.  On Tuesday, May 6th Michael Shellenberger will address The Need For A New Kind of Environmentalism: One That Focuses on The Welfare of Humans in the Post Modern World. 
The following week, on Tuesday, May 13th, Ted Nordhaus will present with the CEO and President of Occidental Petroleum, Steve Chazen. They will discuss the topic The Role of Energy in Our Future…Kinds and Amounts in the Developed and Developing World. 

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Ends & Means Luncheon, Sponsored by Will Evers, Jr., Member of The Pacific-Union Club

For over thirty years, Ends & Means has brought politicians, economists, diplomats, scientists, medical researchers, inventors, business leaders, doctors, attorneys, journalists, artists, venture capitalists, clergy, district attorneys, activists, and other community leaders and change agents to speak and discuss issues over lunch in a non-partisan, off-the-record, think tank environment. Last month, Ends & Means focused on the science behind climate change, and the expected planetary impacts. This month, our focus shifts to the question "what can and should be done to deal with it?" and how ecomodernism can offer a framework for the future. 

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New Nukes: Policy Steps for Innovation for Environment and Economy

The Breakthrough Institute will discuss their recently released evaluation of different advanced nuclear technologies and propose a policy framework to transform nuclear from a sector that has historically resisted change to one in which rapid innovation is possible. Their framework argues that the key factors to making nuclear cheap are safety, modularity, readiness, and efficiency. A focus on these factors could significantly bring down the costs of advanced nuclear reactors. 

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