India: Mini-Cars and Malnutrition

June 12, 2008 |

In India, a generation of people who never learned to read are now able to pursue their dreams of car ownership. With the second largest population in the world, India is at a crossroads, with rapid technological innovation and development alongside high levels of poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition.

Is Consumption Evil?
If you throw away consumption because of the utilization of non-human natural resources, you also throw away the utilization of human resources that comes with it and actually forms the bulk of consumption.

Gandhi the Modernist?
For all his criticism of modernity, Gandhi, unlike Zafar, was firmly rooted in the modern world. His critique of modernity was located within modernity itself.

Gandhi versus Development: Part One
In championing the rights of the poor, did Gandhi valorize poverty? A potential lesson for environmentalists.

Gandhi versus Development: Part Two
On why we need a new Indian icon, one who is pro-development and pro-modernization

The UnGandhi Generation
Two young Indian American bloggers challenge the venerated Gandhi. What are implications for our politics?

Holding the Poor Hostage
Why can't they support adaptation and clean energy at the same time?

The Little Car that Environmentalists Love to Hate
Car A gets a fuel efficiency of 46 miles per gallon. Car B gets about 50 miles per gallon. Car A is called the Toyota Prius and is hailed by environmentalists as a step towards solving global warming. Car B, a new car called the Tata Nano unveiled by an Indian company, is reviled by environmentalists as disastrous for global warming.

Can a Coal Power Plant Ever be Good?
Insofar as a coal-fired power plant replaces forms of power generation that are far dirtier, like diesel generators, and make electricity available to people without electricity, a relatively efficient coal-fired power plant should be seen as a good thing

Maybe Horses Will Fly - Developing Countries and Global Warming
The satisfaction of the material needs of food and water and shelter is not an obstacle to but rather the precondition for the modern appreciation of the nonhuman world


400 million dollars to develop technology that already exists. What a bargin! Does anyone in the government pay attention to anything that goes on outside of the beltway? Save the taxpayers some money and do some research on the internet.

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