Mark Caine

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Mark Caine serves as Policy Advisor for Energy and Environment at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Energy and Climate Attaché to the British Consulate General in San Francisco. Part of a DC-based team managing the UK-US relationship on energy, climate change, and natural resources, Mark manages the UK government's energy and environmental diplomacy across the Western U.S., with special attention towards state level policies, the implementation of federal policies at the state and regional level, the development and deployment of innovative technologies, and market dynamics governing innovation, investment, trade, and regulation. 

Prior to joining the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Mark held analytical, editorial, and policy roles at The Breakthrough Institute, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the London School of Economics, and the Cleantech Group. Mark’s work is focused on the relationship between people and nature as mediated by increasingly complex technologies and markets, and he has almost a decade of experience researching issues at the intersection of energy, natural resources, economies, and societies. He has lectured at venues including University College London, the London School of Economics, and the University of Brasilia, and his research has been cited in publications including The New York Times, Scientific American, ClimateWire, and Reuters.

Mark holds degrees from Brown University and the University of Cambridge. He first arrived at the Breakthrough Institute during the summer of 2010 as a Breakthrough Generation fellow working on energy, climate change, and international development issues. When he is not reading or writing, Mark enjoys rock climbing, long-distance bike touring, playing music, and brewing unusual beers.

Mark tweets @markeliotcaine.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Harber Photography