Joanna Calabrese

Office Manager

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As Office Manager, Joanna supports with operational and administrative needs for  Breakthrough, keeping the books and space in order and managing the miscellany that arises when big-thinking researchers, writers, and analysts collide. 

Joanna first came to Breakthrough as a Breakthrough Generation Fellow in 2008 where she worked with fellow Udall Scholar Rachel Barge to create and launch Campus InPower, a national training program that helps student organizers create funding mechanisms to pay for large-scale sustainability projects on their campuses. To date, Campus InPower has helped students at over 250 campuses finance energy projects that will raise over $15.5 million by 2018. Joanna has since made waves as a University Sustainability Coordinator, Coworking Space Manager, Art Gallery Curator, Public Park/River Steward, and Community Radio DJ. She has a BS in Environmental Science from the University of Maryland. Originally from Maryland, and most recently a resident of Colorado, Joanna is a lover of wild spaces and colorful places. Out of the office, she can most frequently be found wandering in the woods, practicing yoga, and hosting mad hatter tea parties.