Graph of the Day, May 12th, 2009

May 12, 2009 | Jesse Jenkins,


Results of a Rasmussen poll asking voters to identify (between the three options above) what cap and trade policy has to do with (correct answer: a regulation on greenhouse gas emissions causing global warming, aka "The environment"). Graphic via Andrew Sullivan.


wow this is an amazing graph! very telling. we're going to use this today as we talk about cap & trade internally here.

By Alisha Fowler on 2009 05 18

Some of us in the soil carbon movement have been saying that climate change is not an environmental issue, in the traditional framing. We don't even yet have a frame for it. The problem with carbon is that it's NOT a problem, it's a cycle, mainly biological.

The poll may be another indication that the environmental framing won't work.

That global warming is an "environmental problem" may be true, depending on who is surrounding you. But it's probably useless.

By Peter Donovan on 2009 05 13