Michael Shellenberger

President and Cofounder, Environmental Progress

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Michael Shellenberger is founder and president of Environmental Progress, coauthor of An Ecomodernist Manifesto, and co-founder of the Breakthrough Institute. In 2007, he received the Green Book Award and Time magazine's "Hero of the Environment." His recent TEDx talk is "How Humans Save Nature."

For over a decade Shellenberger has been a leader in shifting the climate policy paradigm shift from a focus on making fossil fuels expensive to a focus on making clean energy cheap. His writings have appeared in The Harvard Law and Policy ReviewDemocracy Journal, the American ProspectThe New Republic the Wall Street Journal.

Shellenberger's research is regularly cited and published in the New York Times, Slate, USA Today, Washington Post, New York Daily News, The New Republic,  and has appeared on The Colbert Report and CNN's Crossfire.

His 2007 book with Ted Nordhaus, Break Through, was called "prescient" by Time and "the best thing to happen to environmentalism since Rachel Carson's Silent Spring" by Wired. (An excerpt in The New Republic can be read here.) Their 2004 essay, "The Death of Environmentalism," covered in the New York Times and debated around the world, helped inspire the creation of ecomodernism, a new environmentalism that seeks the twin goals of university prosperity and more of the Earth for Nature.

In 2002 he cofounded the Apollo Alliance, now the Blue-Green Coalition, which advocated a $300 billion investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency — a demand that was largely realized by President Barack Obama.

Over the years, he has been profiled in the New York TimesWired, the San Francisco Chronicle, the National ReviewThe New Republic, and on NPR.


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