Breakthrough Dialogue East Announced

November 17, 2017: Signature Event Comes to the East Coast


We’re bringing the Breakthrough Dialogue to Washington, DC!

For the last seven years, the Breakthrough Institute has hosted a unique conversation with scholars, technologists, business leaders, philanthropists, and policy-makers in the Bay Area about how to build a future that is good for people and the environment. The Dialogue has been described as the anti-Davos, a place where leading thinkers on energy, conservation, farming, and innovation from across the political spectrum ask hard questions of their own assumptions, philosophical commitments, and ideological priors.
This November, we’re bringing that conversation to the East Coast. In the face of new global environmental challenges, and at a moment of intense political polarization in the United States, we hope you’ll join us for a day designed to help us all step away from the policy debates and political controversies of the moment, to consider together what we really know about the relationship between human well-being, environmental change, technological progress, and economic and political modernization.
Past Dialogues have helped launch cross-cutting new initiatives to develop advanced nuclear energy technologies, promote technological innovation and infrastructure planning to advance biodiversity and conservation, and develop an environmental politics that explicitly rejects both neo-Malthusianism and pastoral romanticism.
Topics will include energy transitions, agriculture for nine billion people, conservation on a used planet, and top-down versus bottom-up environmentalism.

A Glimpse of the Breakthrough Dialogue: