Salamander Resort, Middleburg, VA

Salamander Resort is a retreat from the world, with its acres of rolling fields and relaxed atmosphere, and feels worlds away from the hectic capital. Located in the historic village of Middleburg on 340 picturesque acres in the heart of Virginia’s famed horse and wine country, the resort is only 35 minutes from Washington Dulles International Airport and only an hour’s drive from downtown Washington, D.C. 

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Sheila Johnson built the Salamander Resort in 2013 to evoke a large rural house, the lobby, library, restaurant, and full-service spa provide ample lounging space. The resort features 168 luxurious, spacious rooms and suites. This small historic town was part of President John F. Kennedy’s Camelot, and Jackie O. would ride horses on the land where Salamander now stands. While historic aspects are part of what makes the resort so interesting, it’s the way the culture and surrounding environment has been woven throughout that really makes it unique.

Ecomodernism offers an environmentalism that is not ecocentric, technocentric, or anthropocentric, but rather an integrated framework for understanding nature, technology, and culture together. We thought Salamander would be an ideal place to host deep, challenging debates at Ecomodernism 2018.