Thomas Grumbly

President, Supporters of Agricultural Research (SoAR) Foundation

Marc Gunther

Reporter, Nonprofit Chronicles

Kelly Wanser

Executive Director, SilverLining

Noah Deich

Cofounder & Executive Director, Center for Carbon Removal

Eliza Barclay

Science & Health Editor,

Amanda Kolson Hurley

Senior Editor, CityLab

Steve Savage

Food and Agriculture Consultant

David Kay

Manager of Communications & Sustainability, Memphis Meats

Jacob DeWitte

Founder and CEO, Oklo Inc.

Caroline Cochran

Founder and COO, Oklo Inc.

Kate Marvel

Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University and NASA GISS

Kim-Mai Cutler

Partner, Initialized Capital

Eric Sanderson

Senior Conservation Ecologist at Wildlife Conservation Society

Jane Flegal

Program Officer, The Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust

Todd Moss

Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

Charles Mann

Journalist, Author of 1491

Jeremy Carl

Research Fellow, Hoover Institution at Stanford University

Brandon Keim

Freelance Journalist

Oren Cass

Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Rachel Pritzker

President, Pritzker Innovation Fund

Board of Directors

Ted Nordhaus

Co-founder and Executive Director

Board of Directors

Dan Blaustein-Rejto

Senior Food and Agriculture Analyst

Matthew Nisbet

Professor, Northeastern University

Jessica Lovering

Director of Energy

Generation Fellow

Linus Blomqvist

Director of Conservation

Generation Fellow