Matt Baker

Program Officer, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Melinda Cep

Senior Director of Policy, US Markets and Food Team, World Wildlife Fund

Chandler Goule

CEO, National Association of Wheat Growers

Josh Freed

Vice President, Third Way

Jacquelyn Gill

Assistant Professor, University of Maine

Teresa Mbatia

Lecturer, University of Nairobi

Twilight Greenaway

Writer and Editor

Lisa Hamilton


Ahmed Abdulla

Jacobs Post-doctoral Fellow, University of California-San Diego

Bina Agarwal

Professor of Development Economics and Environment, University of Manchester

Penehuro Lefale

Director, LeA International

Nathanael Johnson

Senior Writer, Grist

Sam Bliss

PhD Student, University of Vermont

Robinson Meyer

Staff Writer, The Atlantic

Jay Taneja

Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Andrew Foster

Professor of Economics and Health Services Policy and Practice, Brown University

Dzodzi Tsikata

President, Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA)

Omaro Maseli


Generation Fellow

Julian Alston

Associate Director of Science and Technology, University of California-Davis

Catherine Boudreau

Food and Agriculture Reporter, Politico

Clair Brown

Professor of Economics, University of California-Berkeley

A.R. Siders

Environmental Fellow, Harvard University Center for the Environment

Clint Carroll

Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder

Ole Kaunga

Founder, Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation (IMPACT)

Julian Noisecat

Policy Analyst,

Clara Irazábal-Zurita

Professor of Urban Planning and Director of Latina/o Studies Program, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Julio Friedmann

Senior Advisor, Global CCS Institute

Bill Brown


Paul Romer

Economist and Policy Entrepreneur

Peter Lehner

Senior Strategic Advisor, Earthjustice

Omaro Maseli

Master's Candidate, Sciences Po Paris and the University of Tokyo

Jeff Goodell

Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone

Gerardo Ceballos

Senior Researcher, Institute of Ecology at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Maria Korsnick

President and Chief Executive Officer, NEI

Maria Streshinsky

Executive Editor, WIRED Magazine

Keren Bolter

Senior Planner, Arcadis

Jane Flegal

Social Scientist, University of California, Berkeley

Deepika Nagabhushan

Policy Associate, Clean Air Task Force

Anthony Chapoto

Research Director, Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute

Catrina Rorke

Vice President, Climate Leadership Council

Todd Moss

Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

Rose Mutiso

Co-founder and CEO, Mawazo Institute

Minnie Degawan

Director of Indigenous and Traditional Peoples Program, Conservation International

Lovely Umayam

Project Manager, Stimson

Annalee Newitz

Author, Scatter, Adapt and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction

Michael Specter

Writer, The New Yorker

Tom Reardon

Distinguished Faculty, Michigan State University

Rachel Laudan

Food Historian and Writer

Julie Guthman

Professor of Social Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz

Jonathan Symons

Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University

Chris Thomas

Author, Inheritors of the Earth

Erin Burns

Senior Policy Advisor, Clean Energy, Third Way

Josette Lewis

Associate Vice President, Ecosystems – Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental Defense Fund

Pete Geddes

Managing Director, American Prairie Reserve

Amy Harder

Energy Reporter, Axios

Charles Mann

Journalist, Author of 1491

Jennifer Bernstein

Faculty Member, Dornsife Spatial Sciences Institute, University of Southern California

Ryan Phelan

Co-founder and Executive Director, Revive & Restore

Tamar Haspel

Food and Science Journalist, The Washington Post

Susanna Hecht

Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA

Jason Mark

Editor-in-Chief, Sierra Magazine

Leigh Phillips

Science Writer and Journalist

Vijaya Ramachandran

Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

Samir Saran

Vice President, Observer Research Foundation

Senior Fellow

Kenneth Cassman

Professor of Agronomy and Horticulture, University of Nebraska

Senior Fellow

Pamela Ronald

Professor of Plant Pathology, University of California, Davis

Senior Fellow

Brad Plumer

Reporter, The New York Times

Kartikeya Singh

Deputy Director, Center for Strategic & International Studies

Generation Fellow

Rachel Pritzker

President, Pritzker Innovation Fund

Board of Directors

Ted Nordhaus

Co-founder and Executive Director

Board of Directors

Dan Blaustein-Rejto

Food and Agriculture Analyst

Jameson McBride

Energy and Climate Analyst, Breakthrough Institute

Generation Fellow

Jesse Jenkins

Graduate Student, MIT

Generation Fellow

Andrew Revkin

Strategic Adviser-Environmental and Science Journalism, National Geographic Society

Jessica Lovering

Director of Energy

Generation Fellow

Eric Kennedy

PhD Candidate, Arizona State University

Generation Fellow

Tyler Norris

Director, S&P Global

Generation Fellow

Shawn Regan

Research Fellow, The Property and Environment Research Center

Generation Fellow

Linus Blomqvist

Director of Conservation

Generation Fellow

Mark Caine

Government Engagement Lead, Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution at World Economic Forum

Generation Fellow

Oliver Morton

Briefings Editor, the Economist

David Douglas

Vice President, Applied Invention

Senior Fellow