Yascha Mounk

Lecturer on Political Theory, Harvard University

Jamie Lorimer

Associate Professor in Human Geography, Oxford University

Tamar Haspel

Food and Science Journalist, The Washington Post

Jayson Lusk

Food and Agricultural Economist

Stephanie Romañach

Research Ecologist, USGS

Krithi Karanth

Conservation Scientist, Wildlife Conservation Society

Pedro Sanchez

Professor, Institute for Sustainable Food Systems, University of Florida

Danielle Nierenberg

President, Food Tank: The Food Think Tank

Andrew McAfee

Principal Research Scientist, MIT

Erik Brynjolfsson

Professor and Director of the Center for Digital Business, MIT

Steven Pinker

Professor of Psychology, Harvard University

Susanna Hecht

Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA

Luis Bettencourt

Professor of Complex Systems, Santa Fe Institute

Robert Atkinson

President, ITIF

Calestous Juma

Professor of the Practice of International Development, Harvard Kennedy School

Eduardo Porter

Journalist, the New York Times

Ted Nordhaus

Co-founder and Executive Director

Advisory Board

Alex Trembath

Communications Director

Generation Fellow

Rob Atkinson

President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Oliver Morton

Briefings Editor, the Economist

Paul Robbins

Director, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Senior Fellow