Responses: Is Precision Agriculture the Way to Peak Cropland?

Calestous Juma and Mark Lynas Respond to Breakthrough Essay


As part of Breakthrough's Future of Food series, we have invited experts on food, farming, livestock, and resource use to respond to and critique our research essays. We hope this will be the starting point for an inclusive, productive, and exciting new conversation about twenty-first century food systems. You can read the responses to Linus Blomqvist and David Douglas's essay on precision agriculture below.


Revolution in Africa: A Response to Breakthrough's Essay on Precision Agriculture
By Calestous Juma

African nations remain far behind other parts of the world when it comes to agricultural modernization, but progress is happening faster than many know. Precision agriculture and other forms of agricultural innovation will allow African countries to leapfrog the Green Revolution and create truly twenty-first century progress.


Peak Farmland Is an Ecological Imperative:
A Response to Breakthrough's Essay on Precision Agriculture

By Mark Lynas

“Peak farmland” is an environmental crisis on par with global climate change. Precision agriculture is one of many areas where science will enable humanity to grow more food on less land and protect animal populations and ecosystems from human harm.