Per Peterson

Floyd Professor of Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

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Per Peterson is a nuclear technology expert who studies innovation to improve nuclear energy and fuel cycle technologies. At UC Berkeley, he performs research related to high-temperature fission energy systems, and studies topics related to the safety and security of nuclear materials and waste management. He recently participated as a member of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future, which provided recommendations on a new path forward for US policy to manage high level waste and spent fuel. He has also participated on National Research Council committees providing advice on a variety of nuclear-related topics. He has served as a member and chair of numerous advisory committees for the national laboratories, including LLNL, LANL, INL, ORNL, and PNNL. He participated in the development of the Generation IV Roadmap in 2002 as a member of the Evaluation Methodology Group, and currently co-chairs its Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection Working Group. His research in the 1990's contributed to the development of the passive safety systems used in the GE ESBWR and Westinghouse AP-1000 reactor designs. 

Professor Peterson teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in heat and mass transfer, fluid dynamics, reactor thermal hydraulics, and reactor safety. His research interests involve issues in reactor safety and licensing, high-temperature reactor technology, nuclear air combined cycle power conversion, condensation and large-scale mixing processes in advanced passive reactors, and nuclear materials management and security. Currently his research group studies heat transport and fluid mechanics in fluoride salt cooled high-temperature reactors; gas-Brayton power conversion for nuclear systems; performance based, technology neutral regulation and licensing of advanced reactors; seismic base isolation and modular construction methods; and security and safeguards technologies for nuclear materials and facilities.

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