Suzanne Waldman

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Suzanne Waldman is currently a doctoral candidate in Communication Studies at Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada. Her research interests include risk communication about energy technologies, the social construction and social amplification of risk, and collaborative risk analysis processes involving the public. She has authored research papers on how to optimize public and stakeholder dialogues about risk and how to help the public discriminate about risk information on the internet. She is particularly focused on the challenges of publicly communicating the benefits and risks of nuclear power and especially its trade-offs vis-a-vis other energy sources in the environmental contexts of global climate change and declining biodiversity. Her writings on nuclear risk and communication have been featured in the Bulletin of the Atomic Sciences, on the Energy Collective forum, and on her blog. Prior to her work in Communication Studies, she was a scholar of the Victorian period, another era of disconcerting technological change and dawning environmental awareness. When she's not initiating free-wheeling Twitter conversations about energy and risk issues, she likes jogging and swamp-tromping with her young son. Follow her on Twitter @SuzanneWaldman