No Room for Conservatives in Climate Politics?

Ecomodern Dispatches

This week, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tweeted a nice riff on why American conservatives remain so uniformly opposed to climate action. Among other things, Hayes wrote that “At one level resistance to climate change is perfectly natural for the right. They’ve seen (wrong) apocalyptic predictions before, they suspect the science is a stalking horse for more state involvement, and it’s a movement/party hugely backed by fossil fuels.”

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China and Germany Go Head-to-Head on Fusion

Dispatches from the Front Lines of Ecomodernism

If the sci/tech press is any indication, research labs in Germany and China appear to be racing towards a successful demonstration of fusion energy. I won't get into the physics because I don't understand them, but I was fascinated to see the consistent "Germany vs. China" meme across different outlets last week. 

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