An environmental philosophy that argues that humans can protect nature and improve human wellbeing by decoupling human development from environmental impacts.

We offer this statement in the belief that both human prosperity and an ecologically vibrant planet are not only possible, but also inseparable. By committing to the real processes, already underway, that have begun to decouple human well-being from environmental destruction, we believe that such a future might be achieved. As such, we embrace an optimistic view toward human capacities and the future.


John Asafu-Adjaye - Associate Professor, University of Queensland

Linus Blomqvist - PhD student, UCSB Bren School

Stewart Brand - Cofounder and President, Long Now Foundation

Barry Brook - Professor of Environmental Sustainability, University of Tasmania

Ruth DeFries - Denning Family Professor of Sustainable Development, Columbia University

Erle Ellis - Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Chris Foreman - Breakthrough Institute Board Member

David Keith - Professor, Harvard School of Engineering

Martin W. Lewis - Senior Lecturer in International History, Stanford University

Mark Lynas - Author

Ted Nordhaus - Founder and Executive Director, Breakthrough Institute

Roger Pielke, Jr. - Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder

Rachel Pritzker - President, Pritzker Innovation Fund

Joyashree Roy - Professor of Economics, Jadavpur University

Mark Sagoff - Retired Professor of Philosophy and Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy, GMU

Michael Shellenberger - President and Founder, Environmental Progress

Robert Stone - Filmmaker

Peter Teague -