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To Protect Forests, They Must Be Logged and Burned

Thinning forests returns them closer to their natural state—and makes major conflagrations less devastating Read more →

Matsutake’s Journeys

What one mushroom tells us about war, trade, diet, and ecology Read more →

Joe Manchin: Climate Hawk

We should remember both the vision and organizing of the climate movement and the popularity and pragmatism of Joe… Read more →

What is the Foundation for Food and Agriculture?

FFAR Explained: How FFAR Works and the Value of its Research Read more →

What It Means for Climate Change to Make Heatwaves Worse

Heatwaves are the most straightforward weather event to connect to climate change, but the way this is quantified and… Read more →

Breakthrough Journal No. 17 / Summer 2022

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Produce Problems

What are the real environmental impacts of the food we eat?

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