It's Time for Congress to Invest in Agricultural R&D

Federal agricultural research and development is one of the best ways to empower farmers to produce more food on less… Read more →

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by Saloni Shah & more

Yes, Alternative Proteins Really Do Deserve Federal Investment

A record-breaking $3.1 billion was invested in alternative proteins — plant-based and cultivated meat — in 2020.… Read more →

Perfectly Safe Energy Doesn't Exist — And That's Fine

On April 16, 2021 in Beijing, China, a battery energy storage facility with a combined 25 MWh of lithium iron phosphate… Read more →

If Gaming Is an Environmental Nightmare, Then So Is Hiking

Oceans of ink and a forest of boutique industries have sprung forth to fill the growing desire of the well-meaning to… Read more →

What Would Be Needed to Reduce U.S. CO2 Emissions 50% By 2030?

In a meeting with the leaders of China, India, and nearly 40 other countries, the US announced an increase in its… Read more →

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