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On the Differences Between Ecomodernism and Effective Altruism

In short: an unscalable ecocentrism, an unworkable longtermism, and an impractical anti-institutionalism. Read more →

Human Deaths from Hot and Cold Temperatures and Implications for Climate Change

Given the large number of deaths affected by temperature, there is significant public and scientific interest in the… Read more →

Does the Loss and Damage Fund Need Nuclear?

As the details of the fund are hashed out, it would be wise to make use of the obvious pathway that it creates for… Read more →

Atoms and Influence

What’s Driving Innovation in Nuclear Energy? Read more →

California’s Racist Conservation Fantasy

The state needs new conservation the least, but demands to preserve more land from development will disproportionately… Read more →

Breakthrough Journal No. 17 / Summer 2022

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Produce Problems

What are the real environmental impacts of the food we eat?

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