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Atoms and Influence

What’s Driving Innovation in Nuclear Energy? Read more →

California’s Racist Conservation Fantasy

The state needs new conservation the least, but demands to preserve more land from development will disproportionately… Read more →

The Future of Nuclear Energy Comes Down to the Fuel

Advanced reactors are on the way, but the United States isn’t making the fuel to run them. Read more →

Confronting the Solar Manufacturing Industry's Human Rights Problem

New report calls for solar industry to address unethical solar PV manufacturing in Xinjiang. Read more →

Nuclear Shutdowns Have Already Harmed the Planet

Every year, avoidable nuclear power plant shutdowns release CO2 emissions equivalent to 37 African countries Read more →

Breakthrough Journal No. 17 / Summer 2022

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Produce Problems

What are the real environmental impacts of the food we eat?

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