Meet the Team

Executive Team

Founder and Executive Director
Deputy Director
Executive Editor — Breakthrough Journal
Director of Operations

Program Directors

Co-Director, Climate and Energy Team
Co-Director, Climate and Energy
Director, Nuclear Energy Innovation
Director of Food and Agriculture
Director for Energy and Development
Director of Events
Director of Communications


Senior Data Scientist
Senior Policy Advisor, Nuclear Energy Innovation
Nuclear Energy Analyst
Climate and Energy Analyst
Energy Analyst
Senior Food and Agriculture Analyst
Food and Agriculture Analyst
Food and Agriculture Analyst
Government Affairs Manager, Food & Agriculture
Public Policy Assistant, Food and Agriculture
Digital Communications Manager


Cutting-edge policy research at one of the country's most intellectually challenging think tanks. Fellowship and friendships that last a lifetime.

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The Breakthrough Institute is an environmental research center based in Oakland, California. Our research focuses on identifying and promoting technological solutions to environmental and human development challenges in three areas: energy, conservation, and food and farming.

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