Subsidies for Solar Two Times Higher Than for Nuclear in California

Golden State Spends More on Solar than Nuclear on Per-Kilowatt Basis

1 Pfund, N. E. and N. W. Walker, “Ask Saint Onofrio: Finding What Has Been Lost in A Tale of Two Energy Sources,” DBL Investors, August 2013. See Chart 1 (page 4): “California’s Share of Federal Subsidies: Nuclear (1963-1967) and Solar (2007-2011)."

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3 California’s Go Solar Program was budgeted $3.35 billion over 2007-2016. Our estimate assumes that less than half of the program’s total expenditure occured over the first half of the program. Cost information for California’s Go Solar Program, which includes the California Solar Initiative, the New Solar Homes Partnership, and other initiatives, can be found here: