Datta Arnab

Arnab Datta

Managing Director of Policy Implementation, Employ America

Arnab was previously Senior Counsel at Employ America, and in the past also served as law clerk for the Senate Judiciary Committee, as a fellow with the Office of Senator Michael Bennet, as a teacher, and as a speechwriter.

Arnab is a trusted and credible expert on not just important policy questions, but the legal and economic premises that underlie them. His writing has been featured in the Financial Times, the Washington Post, Slate, and Business Insider, and has been interviewed for popular podcasts including Bloomberg’s Odd Lots, The Weeds, and Pitchfork Economics.

Arnab has a Master of Science degree in Foreign Service, a Juris Doctor from George Washington University, where he was a George Washington Scholar and served as Articles Editor of the George Washington Law Review.

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