Grubert Emily

Emily Grubert

Associate Professor, Notre Dame University

Emily is a civil engineer and environmental sociologist (currently: Associate Professor at Notre Dame) working on enacting a just energy transition, including by researching ways to make decision making more just, effective, and informed. Specifically, she studies decarbonization and how community and societal priorities can be better incorporated into multicriteria policy and project decisions, mainly related to energy, water, and infrastructure systems. I am particularly interested in understanding how infrastructure decisions can be used to embed and enact structural justice.

You can find links to and pdfs of her papers here. Before joining Notre Dame in July 2022, she was an Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech. I did postdoctoral work in CEE at Berkeley and completed my PhD in Environment and Resources at Stanford in 2017. She also spent some time at the US Department of Energy and McKinsey. Twitter @emilygrubert.

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