Dyson Esther

Esther Dyson

Executive Founder, Wellville

Esther Dyson (@edyson) is a proud, longtime member of the board of the Long Now Foundation, who first worked with Stewart Brand when they were both on the board of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Her long trajectory has included the book Release 2.0: A design for living in the digital age (1997), a certificate of completion from the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, and may other meaningful, long-term activities. Now, she is executive founder of Wellville, a 10-year project devoted to fostering individual and institutional behavior change. As a society, we have created many institutions with the power to manipulate us. Now we must figure out - as our long-term selves - how to manipulate our short-term selves.

By Esther Dyson:

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