Baskaran Gracelin

Gracelin Baskaran

Research Director and Senior Fellow, Energy Security and Climate Change Program, CSIS

Gracelin Baskaran is the research director and senior fellow for the Energy Security and Climate Change Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). She is an economist, and her primary expertise is in building critical mineral supply chains, leveraging trade and investment to strengthen energy security, and supporting emerging markets through the energy transition. Prior to joining CSIS, she was a consultant economist at the World Bank. There, she worked on mining, oil, and gas in Africa; improving the benefits of the extractive sector for host countries; the climate-debt nexus; and the just energy transition. Gracelin coauthored over a dozen World Bank reports and the book Africa’s Resource Future: Harnessing Natural Resources for Economic Transformation during the Low-Carbon Transition (World Bank, 2023). She has also held academic positions at the University of Cambridge, University of London, and University of Cape Town and was a nonresident fellow at the Brookings Institution. She spent a decade living overseas, primarily in South Africa and the United Kingdom. She has extensive experience working with policymakers and central banks. Her research has been published in academic journals and various policy and media platforms. Gracelin was a Fulbright scholar and holds a doctorate from the University of Cambridge.

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