Juliana Williams

Juliana Williams is a youth organizer, writer and activist. As the Great Plains Organizer for the Sierra Student Coalition, she works with youth across the Midwest building solutions for a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable society. Over the last five years, Juliana has won clean energy campaigns at Whitman College, organized the Northwest Climate Justice Summit, co-founded the Cascade Climate Network, helped establish the Midwest Climate Network, and supported the development and creation of statewide youth climate networks in Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri. Juliana is a frequent contributor to It's Getting Hot In Here, where she focuses her attention on movement strategy and communication that resonates with public values. She graduated from Whitman College in 2007 with a degree in geology and her organizing work has been recognized with the Thomas Cronin Award from Whitman College; Dr. Joseph Barbosa Award from the Sierra Club; the Adam Werbach Award from the Sierra Student Coalition; and as Finalist for the Brower Youth Award. Juliana will be pursuing a Master's of Public Policy at the University of Maryland in Fall 2009. In addition to organizing, she is an avid ultimate player, string bassist and obsessively nurtures her plants.

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