Kristin Zaitz

Kristin Zaitz

Senior Consulting Engineer at Diablo Canyon Power Plant and cofounder of Mothers for Nuclear

Kristin Zaitz is a lifelong environmentalist and employee of Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant for the last 15 years. She grew up in the town of Auburn, California in the Sierra foothills. Kristin started Mothers for Nuclear with Heather Matteson because she came to understand how a move away from nuclear would force more reliance on fossil fuels, and the negative impacts that would have on her children as well as the natural environment. She has held various technical roles in civil engineering and seismic analysis, and has been involved in major retrofit and upgrade projects at the Diablo Canyon including scuba diving around the plant and rappelling off the top of Diablo’s containment domes. In her free time Kristin likes to run in the wilderness and volunteer in trail-building, habitat restoration, and beach cleanup. Kristin graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cal-Poly with a degree in civil engineering.

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