Boudry Maarten

Maarten Boudry

Researcher, Ghent University

Dr. Maarten Boudry is a philosopher of science and first holder of the Etienne Vermeersch Chair of Critical Thinking at Ghent University. He published over 50 papers in academic journals on pseudoscience, cultural evolution, conspiracy theories, climate policy, science and religion, reasoning fallacies, metaphors in science, and evolutionary epistemology. Together with Massimo Pigliucci, he edited the collections Science Unlimited? On the Challenges of Scientism (2018) and Philosophy of Pseudoscience. Reconsidering the Demarcation Problem (2013). He also wrote six books in Dutch on science and philosophy for the general audience, and has written essays for Quillette, The Independent, The New York Times (The Stone), Le Point, Die Welt, and other newspapers.

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