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Rachel Pritzker

President, Pritzker Innovation Fund

Rachel is founder and president of the Pritzker Innovation Fund, which supports the development and advancement of paradigm-shifting ideas to address the world's most wicked problems. Rachel is chair of the board of the Breakthrough Institute and is a board member and co-chair of the Energy Program at Third Way, a multi-issue think tank that answers America’s challenges with modern ideas. Rachel also serves on the board of the Energy for Growth Hub, a global network of scholars and advocates that promotes evidence-based solutions to solving energy poverty. She is a co-author of An Ecomodernist Manifesto, which outlines a powerful alternative approach to climate mitigation and human development. Her TED Talk on ecomodernism offers new frameworks for moving civilization beyond a dependence on natural resources, and her TEDxBeaconStreet Talk, Energy Myths: Climate, Poverty, and a Reason to Hope, illuminates a path to protecting the environment while moving billions of people out of poverty. She previously served as a founding board member of Media Matters for America and a founding board member of the Democracy Alliance, a partnership of business and philanthropic leaders committed to a stronger democracy by supporting progressive organizations. Rachel attended Brown University, where she majored in Latin American studies.

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