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Steve Savage

Food and Agriculture Consultant

Steve Savage has been working in the field of agricultural technology for over 35 years. He has a BS in biology from Stanford University and a PhD in plant pathology from UC Davis. Steve has worked in academia at Colorado State University, been a part of large-scale chemical company, DuPont, and worked at a start-up bio-control company, Mycogen.

Since 1996, Dr. Savage has been an independent consultant continuing to work with a variety of technology or investment clients in the areas of plant genetics, crop protection chemicals, biocontrol, biotechnology, biofuels, and sustainability. Since 2009, he has written over 300 blog posts and given dozens of talks for technical and non-technical audiences.

Since 2016, Steve has taken a part time role with the CropLife Foundation seeking to communicate the benefits of crop protection technologies and explain how they fit into the future of sustainable agriculture. Their podcast series, PopAgriculture, is the latest component of that strategy.

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