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Tory Gattis

Founding Senior Fellow, Center for Opportunity Urbanism

Tory Gattis is a founding senior fellow with the Center for Opportunity Urbanism. He co-authored the original Opportunity Urbanism studies and City Journal article with noted urbanist and center director Joel Kotkin about creating a city philosophy focused on upward social mobility for all citizens as an alternative to the popular smart growth, new urbanism, and creative class movements. Tory writes the popular Houston Strategies blog and its twin blog at the Houston Chronicle, Opportunity Urbanist, where he discusses strategies for making Houston a better city (and has published numerous Houston Chronicle op-eds on these topics as well). He is the founder of Coached Schooling, a startup backed by the Rice University Owlspark accelerator program and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation to create a high-tech network of affordable private schools ($10/day) combining the best elements of eLearning, homeschooling, and traditional schooling to reinvent the one-room schoolhouse for the 21st century. Tory is a McKinsey consulting alum, TEDx speaker, and holds both an MBA and BSEE from Rice University.

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