Senators Bennet and Marshall Introduce AgARDA Reauthorization

On Thursday, March 16, U.S. Senators Michael Bennet (D-CO) and Roger Marshall (R-KS) introduced the Advancing Cutting Edge (ACE) Agriculture Act, which will serve to reauthorize and jumpstart the Agriculture Advanced Research and Development Authority at USDA. By carrying out high-risk, high reward research, AgARDA will fill a critical research niche for the development of innovative technologies that enable farmers and ranchers to raise their productivity, improve their resilience, and reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, the legislation's investment in AgARDA will help to ensure that the United States can maintain and enhance its position of global leadership as new agricultural and environmental challenges emerge. We urge Congress to support funding for advanced agricultural research and development by supporting this bill.

“We appreciate Senators Bennet and Marshall for their leadership in advancing agricultural science, technology and innovation,” said Dan Blaustein-Rejto, director of food and agriculture for the Breakthrough Institute. “AgARDA is designed to help de-risk innovative technologies, funding research that has large potential benefits, but that is too early-stage or technically risky for private sector investment. This type of high-risk, high-reward research will enable farmers and ranchers to raise their productivity, enhance the resilience of their operations, and further improve their environmental footprint.”