The Breakthrough Institute Launches Mobilization Effort for Build Nuclear Now Campaign with Six Figure Ad Buys in Targeted States

Build Nuclear Now calls for Congress to amend the mission of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to recognize the value of nuclear energy as a critical technology for addressing climate change, reducing pollution, and enabling U.S. energy security

Berkeley, Calif., June 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Breakthrough Institute (BTI), a global research center that identifies and promotes technological solutions to environmental and human development challenges, today announced the launch of mobilization efforts for the Build Nuclear Now campaign, in partnership with Stand up for Nuclear, Generation Atomic, Mothers for Nuclear, Nuclear New York and Green Nuclear Deal.

Build Nuclear Now is a national campaign engaging Americans in targeted states to call for regulatory and legislative change to accelerate the licensing and deployment of new advanced nuclear reactors in the United States. The mobilization campaign is supported by six figure ad buys in multiple U.S. states to engage the strong majority of Americans who support nuclear energy.

Build Nuclear Now is mobilizing citizens to call on their members of Congress to change the mission of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to be in line with its legal mandate to develop, and increase the efficiency and reliability of use of, all energy sources to meet the needs of present and future generations. The campaign aims to strengthen the state level pro-nuclear groups through capacity building and resource sharing to amplify local voices advocating for advanced nuclear energy in communities across the country, with the goal of accelerating and increasing deployment of advanced nuclear energy facilities in the United States.

“Advanced nuclear energy will be the safest energy technology ever utilized by human societies and is necessary to deeply decarbonize the U.S. economy,” said Ted Nordhaus, Executive Director of The Breakthrough Institute. “We have the tools and technology to shift the tide on climate change now and move the U.S. toward greater energy independence, and the biggest thing standing in the way is much-needed regulatory change. U.S. policies and regulations must be modernized to reflect major improvements in nuclear technologies or we risk falling behind as a global leader in nuclear energy.”

Nordhaus continued, “It is critical that the NRC take a more balanced regulatory approach that considers the positive impact of advanced nuclear technology deployment on improving public health, improving overall safety of the U.S. energy system, and decarbonization.”

The two AP1000 reactors that will soon commence commercial operation represent the only reactor design that the NRC has ever licensed to be commercialized since the NRC’s founding in 1974. This inaction is halting progress toward the development of carbon-free energy needed to combat climate change. Advanced nuclear developers still do not have a clear roadmap for how to license their reactors, even as Congress has directed and funded the first-moving developers to commercialize advanced reactors by 2028.

“Overregulation of nuclear energy is imposing huge public health burdens on Americans, especially underserved communities, from air pollution,” said Adam Stein, Director of Nuclear Innovation at The Breakthrough Institute. “The NRC is not carrying out its mission and legal mandate, and is denying the American people access to clean, affordable energy. Instead, the NRC operates under a self-described mission focused primarily on a decades old understanding of nuclear safety and technology that is not applicable to the new technology and tools that are currently being commercialized. While nuclear safety is paramount, the NRC’s mission needs to be rewritten and legally mandated by Congress to modernize the regulatory framework for advanced nuclear reactors.”

To take action and urge Congress and the NRC to modernize, simplify and expedite this licensing process so developers have a clear regulatory pathway for advanced nuclear energy deployment, please join the Build Nuclear Now campaign at the following link:

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