2019 Ecomodernism Registration

Dear invited guest,

We’re pleased to invite you to participate in our 2019 Ecomodernism conference, taking place September 22-24 at Salamander Resort outside of Washington, DC in Middleburg, VA. This year we’re changing our registration structure, and we’d like to briefly explain why.

In the eight years since our first Breakthrough Dialogue, and the three years that we've been doing this East Coast event, our scale and scope have grown considerably. We are endeavoring to make this an event worth returning to, offering new and engaging programing each year and doing our best to stay connected with our growing network of regular guests.

For this reason, starting this year, we’re asking to share the expense of Ecomodernism 2019 with our network. We will be asking everyone if they can contribute, either personally or via their institutions, to the registration costs.

We have abundant scholarship support for guests who cannot afford the costs—we do not want this to be a barrier to attendance. However, to the extent that the Dialogue is a worthwhile experience for guests and the organizations they represent (and we hope it is), we are asking everyone if they can share in the expense of convening it.

Everyone will receive the same $1500 registration request. If you or your institution are able to shoulder that registration cost, we greatly appreciate it, and ask you click “Conference registration $1500” below. If you need support of $250, $500, $1000, or even the full $1500 in order to attend, we warmly invite you to let us know via the “Register with Conference Support” button below.

If you are interested in just joining as a day guest, Please let Thia (thia@thebreakthrough.org) or Alex (alex@thebreakthrough.org) know. They are also happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks so much and we hope to see you in September.