Low-Hanging Fruit for COVID Stimulus and Decarbonization: An Online Convening

Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Webinar Presented by the Breakthrough Institute
April 16, 2020
45 min presentation and discussion

Will a climate-friendly post-COVID recovery require a Green New Deal? Or can we achieve significant clean energy and emissions progress through measures that might conceivably be included in forthcoming congressional stimulus packages? This webinar will feature a discussion of what sorts of decarbonizing investments might be feasible in the context of the federal response to the COVID pandemic and resulting economic crisis, the economic case for low carbon technology and infrastructure, and the decarbonization potential of investments that a divided government might conceivably make.

The webinar is hosted by the Breakthrough Institute, which recently released a white paper detailing numerous well-vetted, bipartisan proposals that can help reset the economy in a manner that supports long-term growth, new job creation, and decarbonization. The paper covers three overarching investment categories, with several sub-categories of infrastructure and technology opportunities.

1. Innovation (nuclear energy, carbon removal, geothermal, energy storage, agriculture)

2. Infrastructure modernization (transportation, electrical grid, natural infrastructure)

3. Support for low-carbon growth (energy, efficiency, agriculture conservation)

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