Ashley Lin

Ashley Lin, a Minnesotan transplant to Berkeley, CA, is in her final year at the University of California, Berkeley. She will obtain her bachelor's degree in rhetoric in Spring 2010. Upon graduation, Ashley plans to take a year off to teach English in Korea, after which she hopes to continue on to law school. Ashley's interest lies in environmental law, evidenced by her experience studying and writing about issues related to the environment and energy. Ashley has interned for the Institute for Food Policy and Development and for Breakthrough Institute. She has published a paper on bio-fuels in the student-run science journal, the Triple Helix and was a contributing writer to the "Case Studies in American Innovation," published on the Breakthrough Institute's website. Ashley is fluent in mandarin Chinese and is proficient in French. She enjoys learning new languages and believes that being multilingual will be important for her future career, as environmental policies are increasingly made on an international scale.

By Ashley Lin:

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