Evanega Sarah

Sarah Davidson Evanega

Director of Stakeholder Communication, Pairwise

Sarah serves as the director for stakeholder communication at Pairwise—a food and tech company committed to building a healthier world through better fruits and vegetables. Prior to joining Pairwise, Sarah was a professor at the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research (BTI) on the campus of Cornell University. At BTI and Cornell she worked at the nexus of plant science and the societal issues that affect the plant science research enabling environment. There, she served as the founding director of the Alliance for Science—a global communications effort that aims to improve science literacy and science-informed policy making across a range of science issues, including agricultural biotechnology. Sarah is the 2021 Borlaug CAST Communication Award winner and in 2022 she received the Mary Clutter Leadership in Science Public Service Award from the American Society of Plant Biologists. She is a Senior Fellow at the Breakthrough Institute

Sarah received her PhD in Plant Biology from Cornell University in 2009 in Plant Biology. She completed a BA in Biology at Reed College in Portland Oregon. Sarah grew up in a small agricultural village in northwest Illinois and enjoys life in the Finger Lakes.

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