**POSTPONED** We Made Solar and Wind Cheap. Now What? - An Online Convening

Thursday, June 4, 2020

**POSTPONED** A Webinar Presented by the Breakthrough Institute
June 4, 2020
10AM PT / 1PM ET
45 min presentation and discussion


A Note From Breakthrough

Yesterday Breakthrough released a statement regarding the murder of George Floyd, police brutality, and the ongoing encroachment upon Americans’ civil liberties. We, as an organization, are doing what we can to encourage our teams to take good care right now as well as educate themselves on ways they can personally feel empowered in the communities in which we are a part.In light of this, and of the ongoing national conversation around racism and police brutality, we decided it would be inappropriate to try to host a discussion about clean energy subsidy reform this week. So we are postponing the webinar originally scheduled for tomorrow, June 4. We hope to reschedule the event soon. Please stay tuned here and on Twitter @TheBTI. Thank you and please stay safe.

Yours Truly,
Thia Bonadies & Alex Trembath
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The federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Production Tax Credit (PTC), along with a slate of other policies and investments, have pushed the price of solar and wind down dramatically over the last decade. But even after years of claims of “subsidy independence,” the solar and wind industries and major climate advocacy organizations continue to lobby for extending the ITC/PTC. Meanwhile, experts have emphasized the declining marginal value of these intermittent technologies, the lack of sufficient transmission and storage capabilities, and the need for substantial firm, low-carbon capacity. Looming over all of this are the dramatic and unpredictable impacts the COVID-19 crisis might have on the power sector and on US energy policy. In this webinar, we’ll hear different perspectives on the role of deployment policy and how existing solar and wind technologies fit into pathways towards deep decarbonization.

This webinar is organized by the Breakthrough Institute, an environmental research center that co-authored the report. The Breakthrough Institute identifies technological solutions to environmental problems like climate change, and believes that economic prosperity — especially the kind being disrupted by the pandemic — is a precondition to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Space is Limited. Hope you'll join us.
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