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Arthur Yip

Arthur worked as an Energy Systems Engineer after completing the 2014 Breakthrough Generation summer fellowship. He holds a Master of Science in Technology and Policy from MIT, where he undertook interdisciplinary techno-economic modelling and analysis as a Research Assistant at the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change. At MIT, Arthur taught a mini-course in the economics and policy of climate change and was involved with organizing the MIT Energy Conference and managing the MIT Science Policy Initiative.

Arthur grew up in Vancouver, BC, and studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, ON. He completed six co-operative work terms with National Research Council Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and Suncor Energy, and led advocacy and research efforts with Engineers Without Borders Canada, the Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy, and the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy.


US-China Climate Deal Underscores Need for Substantial Energy Innovation

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