RELEASE: 130 Leading Corporations, Startups, Universities, Non-profits, and Research Stakeholders Unite in Support of a $750 Million Investment for the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research

Washington, D.C. - September 19, 2023 - The Breakthrough Institute, along with a group of 130 corporations, startups, universities, non-profits, and other research stakeholders, sent a letter to Congress urging an allocation of $750 million to the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) in the upcoming 2023 Farm Bill.

FFAR, established in the Agriculture Act of 2014, has demonstrated its indispensable role in addressing vital food and agriculture research needs. By leveraging public and private investments, FFAR ensures maximum societal impact. From 2002 to 2019, U.S. public investment in agricultural research declined 30%, and international competitors like China, Brazil, and India have surpassed the U.S in research funding.

“FFAR is a vital source of funding for climate-smart research and development in food and agriculture,” says Daniel Blaustein-Rejto, Director of Food and Agriculture of The Breakthrough Institute. “By matching every federal dollar with about $1.40 in private and non-federal funds, FFAR has an outsized impact on a wide range of issues from cutting methane emissions from cows to breeding the next generation of crops. We hope that Congress will recognize the value of FFAR and provide it with robust and stable funding.”

With unpredictable global challenges, from erratic weather patterns to global supply chain disruptions, the importance of robust public investment in agricultural research is clear. The proposed $750 million would ensure the food supply chain remains sustainable, innovative, and robust enough to support an ever-growing global population.

The united voices in this letter make a compelling case for the essential role FFAR plays in the realm of food and agriculture, urging Congress to recognize and support the foundation's indispensable role in shaping a sustainable and secure agricultural future.

To read the full letter and see the list of signatories, click here.


For media inquiries please contact:

Daniel Blaustein-Rejto

Director of Food and Agriculture, The Breakthrough Institute

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