Leigh Ewbank

Leigh Ewbank graduated from Australia's RMIT University in 2008 with a B.A in Social Science -- Environment. Last year, Leigh completed an Honours dissertation investigating his longstanding interest in the framing of 'environment'. Conducting a case study analysis of a leading Australian environmental group, he modeled the ways in which the environment is framed and discussed the effects of those framings on policy prescriptions and political action. Leigh seeks to publish the findings of his dissertation later in 2009. As the first Australian Breakthrough Generation fellow, Leigh will provide an international perspective on investment-centered and innovation-based policy responses to our changing climate. He will also highlight valuable lessons from the Australian Government's approach to climate change policy. Specializing in framing analysis, Leigh seeks to gain further experience with political strategy and communications through the fellowship program. He's excited to work with the Breakthrough Institute team and learn from the next generation of progressive leaders.