Sola Talabi

Sola Talabi

Senior Consultant, Pittsburgh Technical

Dr. Talabi has 17 years’ experience in the nuclear power industry. His experience includes design, numerical computational analysis, manufacturing, installation and testing of nuclear power plant components. His experience includes serving as Risk Manager at Westinghouse Electric Company, where he was responsible for risk awareness, assessment and response for advanced reactors including AP1000 and SMR.

Dr. Talabi currently works as a Senior Consultant with Pittsburgh Technical, which provides risk management consulting services to the nuclear energy industry. Dr. Talabi also teaches risk management at Carnegie Mellon University. He received the following degrees from Carnegie Mellon University: MBA, PhD (Engineering and Public Policy) and MSc. (Mechanical Engineering). He received his BSc. in Engineering from University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Talabi is also a certified risk manager.

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