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Ryan Fitzpatrick

Deputy Director of the Clean Energy Program

As Deputy Director of the Clean Energy Program at Third Way, Ryan oversees the organization’s deep decarbonization efforts, including work on advanced nuclear technologies, carbon capture and storage, and alternative fuels and vehicles. Across this portfolio, Ryan’s efforts are focused on developing and promoting policy solutions that “thread the needle” to meet America’s climate and economic growth needs. By developing relationships with stakeholders in advocacy, industry, federal agencies and on Capitol Hill, Ryan builds a well-rounded understanding of complex energy issues beyond their talking points—and uses that understanding to help Third Way influence policy debates through written products, direct outreach to policymakers, coalition-building, and educational events.

Ryan graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2005 with a degree in Spanish and International Studies. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Asheville, NC and began working as deputy finance director on the congressional campaign of first-time candidate Heath Shuler. Upon his victory in 2006, Shuler asked Ryan to join his Washington office to advise him on energy, transportation, and environmental policy. After four years serving a moderate Democrat who was highly engaged in forging creative and bipartisan policy initiatives, Ryan came to Third Way and quickly felt right at home.