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David Douglas

Vice President, Applied Invention

Dave Douglas focuses on the application of technology and sustainability principles to global problems and opportunities, drawing heavily on his experience in engineering, technology, management, policy and ecology. He is currently Vice President at Applied Invention, a company that invents, designs and prototypes breakthrough products and services for major industry partners.

Prior to Applied Invention, Dave was the Chief Sustainability Officer and Sr. Vice President of Cloud Computing at Sun Microsystems. He also has extensive experience in supercomputing, big data and sensors.

Dave is co-author of Citizen Engineer, a book that captures the core knowledge about sustainability and intellectual property that engineers will need in this young century. He is currently writing and conducting research on national energy policy and on the intersection of sustainability and innovation.

Dave serves on the Board of CO2 Sciences and is a Sr. Fellow at the Breakthrough Institute. Dave has a BS and MSEE from MIT. To see more of Dave's work, visit his blog.