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Advanced Nuclear is Good for the World, But Is It Good for the Regulator?

The only thing the NRC wants from advanced nuclear is nothing. That has to change. Read more →

How Bad Are Airline Emissions, Really?

And what to make of those protests in Germany against the aviation industry and against coal. Read more →

Coping With Disaster Vs. Energy Security

A realistic path toward decarbonization for small island nations Read more →

Is Tucker Carlson Right About Cow Masks?

Unmasking the truth about livestock methane emissions and measurement. Read more →

Nuclear Regulatory Break With Reality
by Charlyne Smith & more

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Break With Reality

The NRC Staff’s new alternative risk evaluation contains mathematically impossible conditions—and is impossible to use. Read more →

Breakthrough Journal No. 18 / Fall 2022

No. 18 / Fall 2022 Cover Image

The New Nuclear Explosion

If there is one certainty for the climate, it may well be the environmental benefits of nuclear power

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