Series: The Future of Meat

As global demand for meat grows, the environmental “hoofprint” of livestock production could grow, too. Demand-side strategies are unlikely to reverse the long historical trend of increasing meat consumption as countries develop economically, but there are ways to improve the environmental performance of livestock systems on the production end. Contrary to popular perception, modern, intensive livestock production can offer environmental efficiencies compared to traditional, lower-input systems. In a world where billions of people want meat on their plates, it will be crucial to leverage the efficiency of intensive systems to meet demand and minimize environmental harm.


The Future of Meat, Marian Swain


A Meatier Story, Maureen Ogle

More Than Meat, Alison Van Eenennaam

Meat Production, Responsibly, Jayson Lusk

The Future’s Bright; The Future’s…Meaty? Judith Capper

Avoiding Backfires in Brazil, Simon Hall

The Shrinking Footprint of American Meat, Jesse Ausubel and Iddo Wernick


The Future of Meat