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Seaver Wang

Co-Director, Climate and Energy

Seaver Wang works at the Breakthrough Institute as Co-Director of the Climate and Energy team, leading his colleagues in researching topics in energy and broad decarbonization as well as working to link Breakthrough’s projects to the latest in earth and climate research.

Seaver holds a PhD in Earth and Ocean Sciences from Duke University as well as a BA in Earth Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania and has worked with the Climate and Energy research program since Fall 2019. In addition to numerous Breakthrough analyses and reports, his research has been published in the journals Joule and Reviews of Geophysics. Seaver’s writing has appeared in Foreign Policy, the Wall Street Journal, Slate, New Atlantis, GreenBiz, The Diplomat, Japan Spotlight and more. His research has received media coverage in numerous outlets, including the Washington Post, the Associated Press, Bloomberg, Axios, the MIT Technology Review, Business Insider, Vox, Financial Times, New Scientist, POWER Magazine, Utility Dive, and S&P Global.

His current research focuses upon minerals and manufacturing supply chains for low-carbon technologies, decarbonization of heavy industry, climate and energy policy in East Asia, and on earth science and future climate impacts.